Why Peaks to Plains
Landscape & Design?

Over a Decade of Experience Creating Elevated
Outdoor Spaces in Colorado

About Peaks to Plains Landscape & Design

Peaks to Plains Landscape & Design is a landscape design company based in Colorado that specializes in creating a stress-free and transformative contractor experience. For the past decade, Peaks to Plains has been helping customers in Colorado Springs, Castle Rock and beyond improve quality time with family and friends, make better use of available space, and provide enchanting, unique getaways from the hustle of the city. Previously known as LCM Landscape & Design, we’ve rebranded our company to better align with our new focus and aesthetic — but with the same great team and work ethic that has made us a success.

What Homeowners Have to say About Our Awe-Inspiring Transformations

Our Process

Our process is intended to take all of the guesswork, stress and frustration out of large-scale contract projects. We don’t dig one single hole before we’ve answered all of your questions, given you a price and set expectations for the duration of the project.

Initial Phone Call

The first step is to give us a call, or fill out our request form online. Let us know what you’re envisioning to transform your backyard oasis. Maybe you’re still in the early phases of choosing and landscape designer — we’re happy to help answer any questions you might have in this initial phase. Or, maybe you want us to come take a look at your existing setup and see what we recommend! We love to create new landscapes that blend seamlessly with existing features and the surrounding environment.

Scheduled Home Consultation

Once we’ve gotten to know a little bit more about your needs, we’ll come do an in-person evaluation of the property and talk more specifics about how we can work with you based on the configuration of your property. This is a thorough evaluation that helps us ensure there are no big issues we need to handle before work begins, and prevents unexpected delays down the line.

Project Design & 3D Rendering

Once we’ve taken a closer look at your property, we will begin creating a project design for your outdoor space. This gets us closer to understanding exactly what kind (and how much) material we’ll need, and acts as the blueprint for everything. We will then use cutting-edge 3D Rendering technology to give you an accurate3 visual representation of what your property is going to look like when the transformation process is complete!

Approval & Constuction

Once you’ve given the approval on budget and timeline, we begin construction. The start of the project sometimes causes anxiety, especially when working with other contractors. But since we pride ourselves in really making a connection with the client and making sure everyhing is absolutely clear before starting work, the process is much smoother than it can be with some other companies.

Project Complete!

Despite the way the yard might look in certain transitional phases of the project, the end of the project is always an awe-inspiring experience. We’ll clean up, get out of your hair and let you begin enjoying your new, captivating piece of backyard nature.

Putting it all Together!

Check out this brief video featuring Owner Landon Malave as he talks about what to expect from start to finish when you start a project with Peaks to Plains (as told through the scope of our sister company LCM Waterfalls and Ponds). 

Send us a Message

You can request a service HERE. Otherwise, send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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