Patios & Hardscape

Beauty and Structure

The hardscape features of your designed paradise — patios, walkways, retaining walls, seating areas and more — provide structure and direction as the foundation for better quality time connecting with friends and family.

Some of Our Specialties

We build patios to blend aesthetics with functionality, creating perfect outdoor living areas. They're canvases awaiting your family's memories, designed with a personalized touch to ensure your outdoor space is a seamless extension of your home. Every detail is planned out to harmonize with your vision, offering you a retreat where leisure and beauty coexist effortlessly.
Walkways should provide not only direction, but provide aesthetic glue for your outdoor space. We use only premium materials that inspire an appreciation of texture, color, and form. Beyond connecting spaces, they enhance the journey through the the showcase of your personal style with every step.
Retaining Walls
Beyond their structural purpose, retaining walls redefine your landscape's potential. They balance strength with elegance, creating versatile spaces and turning slopes into terraced masterpieces. These walls are a blend of utility and aesthetic appeal, elevating your garden's design while providing practical solutions.
Seating Areas
Seating areas don't have to be just a set of patio furniture. They can be built-in to your landscape, offering cozy spots for quiet afternoons and lively conversations under the stars. In the right hands, these spaces become not just places to sit, but the heart of your outdoor living experience.

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